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Falling Skies Episode 7 Sanctuary Part 2 Theories *SPOILERS*

If you havnt watched last nights show (Episode 7) DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.

Okay so I have an idea on what is happening with the kids. Lets start with some plot points from last night.

Ben/Ricky: Last night was the real first sign from Ricky on exactly his mindset. While eating at the table he refuses to touch the food and sends a glaring look over to Ben asking him how he could eat THEIR food. After Ben says "excuse me?" to Rick its almost as if Ricky says something to him that nobody else could hear, and Ben gets up and leaves. Now Ricky had cystic fibrosis which is a very painful thing to have. Having been cured of it, he loathes ever going back to that. Ricky has mentally accepted the aliens as his new family. Later on when the kids are hiding in the house, Ben looks at Ricky and touches his own spikes and asks Hal to let him run and get help. My thoughts on this is Ben knows something was coming (skitters perhaps) and wanted to run and get help as quickly as he could to avoid having everyone taken. Ricky stares out the window after Ben leaves and says "hes waiting". At the last part of the show Ricky talks about US and THEM. When Ben askes "THEM?" Ricky says humans, they kill their own kind, not like US, looking at Ben.

Ricky knows Ben is one of US and not THEM (humans) and although Ricky is drinking the koolaid, Ben isnt right now. Ben isnt willing to accept what in the back of his mind he already knows to be true.

Him and Ricky are changing, changing into the alien bi-ped Greys we saw a very brief peek of.

*****UPDATE 7/26: Though I hate to admit everyone had figured it out so early on, after watchign a few Comic Con interviews, it may be in fact as simple as the kids turning into skitters (which is still a creepy concept) and the new aliens being in charge. I am hoping for more of a plot twist then that but we shall see.******


Skitters: At first many of us thought the kids turned into skitters but i am thinking that is less likely. When the aliens first attacked the skitters showed up, which means they existed before the kids, as there would not have been enough time for the harness to change just captured kids. Plus changing from bi-ped to 6 legs is a bit much. We also remember the skitters ability to "pet and love" the kids, which you would think (ok, thats cause they are former kids). Yet in another part they order 5 kids killed. To me this is further indication that the skitters control the mechs and while the kids are expendable they are also their children. I think the preview for next week, and Anne saying i was afraid of this was purposly taken out of context to confuse us into thinking the Skitters are the kids.

The Spine Spikes. Ben and Ricky are the only two in camp who still have them, which leads me to think they are closest to transformation so far, Ricky more then Ben. Notice the spikes are grey in color and in earlier episodes it was explained that they were bio-mechanical. Softening to root into the spine and then hardening on the outside. The Grey color and the way it grows leads me to conclude it will spread, changing the kids into the Greys.

Mechs: I have a feeling thats where Anne statement comes into play, after turning into greys they run the Mechs. It would explain the mechs doing what the skitters ordered and why we have never seen the greys yet. They take a mech down and find out (which we have seen in a preview)

Whose in charge: I am still up in the air about this. Is it the mechs? the Skitters? A grey that we havnt seen, besides the changed kids? We shall find out soon.

Just my thoughts. Ricky is gone, flat out. Between getting healed, wearing the harness twice, Ricky is mentally more far gone. But Ben is more physically far gone it seems, with him able to run very fast, do 100 pushups without a sweat and barely sleeping. Ricky will attempt to have Ben come with him, as already noticed by the fact that Ricky views Ben as one of US (alien) and not THEM (human). However since Ben wasnt cured of such a harsh deaese, he isnt willing to accept he is not human anymore or for much longer. Ben still has some of his humanity. But how will he coup?

Although i was a bit sad there were no skitters or mechs this episode, i think the main plot has shown it self in force this episode, the whole reason the show is here: Ricky and Ben and what is to come of the kids. Creepy exchanges between Ben and Ricky that leave us all on edge.

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  1. Great write-up Rob! I think Ben is still connected, but is forcing himself to block it out (think like Harry Potter and Voldemort sharing thoughts and learning to block it out from one another), whereas Rick is accepting of the communication. He has lost all human emotions sadly.