Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Falling Skies Episode 6 Sanctuary Part 1 *SPOILERS*

This week we got to see several themes come into play that both make us feel for the characters and get creeped out (in a good way). So to sum up sundays show:

We start with Eli and his parents with Dr. Glass having their son looked it, feeling sick. The parents actually wanted to steal meds from the doc in order to leave and have something to trade. Anne fights back and gets the butt end of the gun to her face. Later Weaver, Tom and Ricky's dad go after the 3 and catch up with a member of the 7th mass (Clayton) shows up and stops them.

For those of you old enough (im barely old enough) to remember Clear and Present Danger, the use of Henry Czerny is one of the writers best subliminal messages yet. From the moment he stepped on screen i didn't trust him. We all wanted to trust him, Weaver knew him after all, but inside i just couldn't.

He brings news of a coming attack and says we must get the kids out of there to a "sanctuary" he has setup away from the fight. Nobody really is up for this right now and Weaver says, if they must, that Tom has to convince them.

This brings me to the first of 3 major plot lines that i am enjoying and that we get a good look at, Ben. We see Ben do 102 push ups in front of his brother Matt, much to Matt's surprise. When asked by Matt if he missed them, Ben replied he doesn't know, the skitters were nice and cared for them. They all "thought together". Matt also points out that Ben's and Ricky's spikes have not gone away while the other 4 saved kids did. What does that mean for Ben and Ricky? Ben was, happy with the skitters? Hal over hears all of this and is disturbed by it, I would be too. He goes to Anne and asks for her advice. Telling her Ben couldn't even do 10 push ups before and now 102 without a sweat? But since nobody has really dealt with a kid post harness, she doesn't have any answers for him. Ben is feeling alienated (pun intended) as in the mess hall he is called out as a "razorback" by an adult, who Hal pushes away. Ben having heard about the plan to take the kids to safety tells his dad he wants to go.

Now that night, a mech comes and attacks as a diversion to let a skitter into the building. Jimmy fights the skitter off, before a "globe crushing" moment that symbolizes the skitters domination over humanity, before Weaver blows the skitter up. This was a touching moment as a shocked and freaked out Jimmy hugs Weaver and Weaver consuls him.

After the attack, there is no choice, Tom agrees to send the kids off with Clayton. Once they arrive at the camp, they all go to bed. But then the creepy moment #2 of the show comes up with Eli being taken into the woods by Clayton, only to be given to the skitters. Clayton is trading kids and has a deal with the skitters but to what end?

So where do we stand? Here are the 3 plot lines that are important for next week:

Ben: He isn't himself, this we know. He seemed to enjoy his time, they cared for him. He is stronger then ever, and his spikes wont go away (neither will Ricky's). Ben is under attack from the adults who are afraid of him and i feel the kids will start being the same way. An important part of Ben this week was the part where his father Tom asks him, if he missed them, and to tell him the truth. This was a bad move on Toms part. His son is already doubting his presence here and that statement to a young boy who was just recovered from aliens and who has conflicted feelings, asks a heartbreaking question in return, "Did you miss me?"All of this will play a toll on Ben. But what is happening to him?

Clayton/The Second Mass: Another Enemy we face other then aliens. Its true we as humans have already been our own worse enemy's but to give kids away to the aliens is by far the worst thing he could do, and he will pay for it. But who will we lose in the process? The 2nd Mass: The 2nd mass being their own enemy? Yes! We are starting to see a mutiny amongst the group towards the unharnessed kids, calling them "razorbacks". As this grows, tensions will go up and that never ends well.

Skitters: They are far more intelligent then we may have thought. After the "cuddling" scene last week we felt for them, but do we now? The skitter had some place to be but where? And why such a young kid now? This may reveal a larger force at play.

Until next week, keep watching Falling Skies. And Great news, Pope is back and he is pissed!

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